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For more than two thousand years there has been one group, one culture, one race, one religion that has always been under threats, a

ttacks, obliged to flee from their lands, killed just for one reason: Being Jews.

We read from the Bible how Moises had to flee from Egypt, we know what happened in the II World War were the Nazi-ledGermany killed over 6 million Jews just because they were Jews. There are over a hundred cases throughout history over the persecution of Jews, the way their people have suffered and have been bullied around for many centuries…until 1948.

It is in 1948 when the coin started to change for the Jews from tails to heads as the United Kingdom gave the Jewish people the Palestinian territory for them to create Israel. At this point, the damage to the Palestinians was already done and the rest was easy to accomplish. With the newly created United Nations having a resolution authorizing the creation of Israel and the support of two superpowers such as the United States and the United Kingdom, Ben Guiron had only to defeat the poor-armed Arab army that presented resistance to this imposition and Israel was created.

One of the biggest problems with the creation of Israel besides their location, surrounded by Muslim countries, was that the Palestine territory was already populated with people that had called that place “home” for some centuries and had either to flee, fight or adapt to a new government. So…what happened to them?

Well, human memory apparently is not good at all. Only after 5 years from the Holocaust, the Jewish people did the same thing they protested against for centuries: they expelled people from their homes and imposed themselves over those who were weaker. Israel has always fought for their right to hold normal lives, to have a country, a place to call “home” where they can practice their religion and culture without fear of being discriminated or pursued but by solving their problem they have created one exactly the same with the Palestine people. Apparently for Israel, as Ayn Rand said “Force and mind are opposites; morality ends where a gun begins””

The Gaza strip is one of the most overpopulated areas in the whole world and people there live with their rights severely limited and in conditions far away from acceptable. The same thing applies in West Jerusalem, the other territory under the jurisdiction of the PLO.

Israel seems to have forgotten its past and has committed similar abuses to the Palestinian people as the ones they suffered. Israel still plays the role of victim when they receive a few home-made bombs and respond with heavy military artillery and controls over the borders to stop Gaza from receiving aid. Israel has hidden behind the excuse of “maintaining national security” to isolate the Gaza strip from the world for many years, with the help of the United States backing up Israeli policies and negotiating with Egypt to “effectively maintain peace in the Middle East”. But things appear to be changing. With Barack Obama’s speeches referring to a two-state solution, US support to the Israeli violations of past treaties and the illegal occupation of territories in West-Jerusalem seems to be slowly fading away and the Arab Spring invites to think that the “friendly” relations between Egypt and Israel might suffer some changes in the coming months. Egypt has chosen to have good relations with the US and Israel rather than to be the leaders of the Arab world in assuring some kind of justice for the Palestinians.

Palestinians surely need the help from Egypt (its new government) to achieve the majority of their goals regarding Israel, and Egypt knows the power and potential it has to make change happen. That is why the new Egyptian government will have to see if it maintains its weak and rather passive policies regarding Gaza or if it serves right to the Palestinian people and gives them more freedom of movement. United States seems to be changing their policies and views towards Israel, although they will always be allies, but If Egypt decides to have strong stands and demand Israel some basic rights for the Palestinian people, things will certainly change a lot and Israel will have to give in…at least a little.

Egypt has the chance to start a whole new process of economic growth and liberties in Egypt and Gaza, while maintaining its military power. It has the chance to mark its leadership in the Arab world and due to its history, its religion, culture and location, be the main player in maintaining peace in the Middle East without closing its eyes to the abuses that the Palestinian people suffer from the Israeli military forces.

The Egyptian revolution proved the gigantic force of information via social media, and while Israel may have mayor influence over the US congress and significant military force, the Palestinians (of course supported by the Egyptians) can use the power of information and the intelligent use of diplomacy to achieve great changes. Maybe the time has come where few individuals with power, will have to abide to the pressure of the masses, be that for better or worse.