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We all know about the Egyptian revolution and what happened in Egypt; but this movement has no clear protagonist but a spontaneous group of young people. At LSE, I had the opportunity to meet one of this anonimus proganists.

Norhan El Gabaly is a Egyptian young girl who lives in Cairo. In this interviews; she tells us her views on the situation on Egypt and explains how she felt the “revolution” as a student and what the future looks like

This interview is also related with the previos post, “Once the coin has changed” (https://comovieneviniendo.wordpress.com/2011/07/07/once-the-coin-has-changed/) !

Enjoy it!

What’s your opinion on the “revolution” in Egypt?

–          Egypt was not a free country, it had a democratic façade for the last 30 years. This revolution is a good but it is like a 2-sided knife. Young people are more intellectual and open and can think. They have the energy to inspire the country and will do it, with the push of the people. People who are in power usually get corrupted and we strongly fear that this is what may happen in Egypt. Our future is uncertain, each second the situation changes. We need to wait at least a year to understand what has really happened.

Egypt has the potential to become a great country not only in the Middle East but also in the whole world.

How did you live the revolution as a student?

–          It was normal, we only had 2 weeks without classes at the beginning but life was normal; the only new thing is that we only had classes until 4pm because we had to go back to our houses before sunset, when it may get dangerous.

What’s your opinion of Hosni Mubarak?

–          Well, at the beginning he did many things, he is not that bad as people picture him. We have to measure both the good and the bad things. The bad thing is that he did not maintain his pride and his honor; power made him ignorant and made him feel as if the country was his own estate and not a country of all the Egyptians.  He was peaceful and played a very important rule in international peace but he also used his power badly in the internal affairs.

What is your opinion on the Muslim Brothers?

–          Muslim Brothers don’t really understand the meaning of Islam. Islam is not just about preventing other people of their freedom of belief, preventing them from their religions. They have a very biased view, not oriented to Islam but for their own purposes and views. Did you know that Islam means “peace” in Arabic? How do the Muslim Brothers preach they follow Islam? They are brain-washed. They are very closed minded and Islam tells us to be open and believe in everything. If you don’t tolerate and accept Judaism and Christians, you are not a Muslim. You have to believe in other religions and never use force.

What is going to happen with the Egyptian-Israeli relations?

–          I think it’s going to be the same; there will be no changes.

Regarding Egypt’s policies towards Palestinians, can we expect any changes?

–          Everything will be the same in the international situation; we have interests in maintaining the peace and status-quo. For us it is more important our internal situation right now than the international situation.

What will be the major changes in the near future?

–          Economics will definitely change a lot. Many of the important players in the economy, who were “holding” it, have gone. International people won’t have any trust or confidence in the country as it is now unstable so that can slow down foreign investment. Tourism is one of the economical activities that will suffer the most.

In politics, we will have to wait until elections in September to see what happens.